Professional Real Estate Services

Seller Representation

Cari’s approach to helping you maximize return on your largest investment is different than any other real estate professional.  With knowledge gained from years of running a renovation/investment company, Cari knows when, where, and how much to spend to make your house shine!  She won’t simply tell you what needs to be done, she will utilize her connections in the construction world to help you get the work done. Cari also owns a warehouse full of staging furniture if this is what your home needs to help it stand out.  So, from preparation to the closing table, Cari offers a full service that others can’t match.

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Cari Higgins Buyer Representation

Buyer Representation

For Cari, buying a house is less about selling anything and more about being a matchmaker.  It’s helping people find a home that meets their needs and makes sense as a business decision. Although buying a house is an emotional process, it’s important to have someone helping that will make you think about the logistics, financials, and reality of owning one home over another. Whether it takes years or weeks, Cari will stand by you in representing and supporting you in a process that can seem stressful.

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Real Estate Investment & Building

For the last 15 years, Cari has managed her husband’s investment/renovation business. Have you ever met an agent that not only can help design the perfect kitchen but also design the perfect spreadsheet?  It’s the perfect match between creativity and reality, between emotion and business, and between right brain and left brain.  With her experience in construction, Cari brings unique knowledge when you are looking for your own investment or renovation project.

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