I’m often stuck trying to explain what PENThouse LLC does as a business with trying to NOT use the words “house flip”.  We buy, we renovate, and we sell.  Sounds like a house flip to most people?  And to those people, I just say, “watch”.  Watch this transformation, watch the hard work and attention to detail, watch a general contractor with design sense, watch the staging make people believe they already live there, and watch this team at work.

Case Study: 2016 on Norwood Ave


Me:    Real estate agent, business side of PENThouse LLC, and sometimes designer opinion giver

Greg: Owner of PENThouse LLC, General Contractor, hardest worker I’ve even met, and man with vision

Sherry: Designer extraordinaire, color genius, and a woman who can stage in her sleep


I had been watching this home on the market.  Our timing was right as we were closing the last project and had the cash ready to make a move. The house itself was a hidden gem. It needed superficial work mostly; time, attention, cash, and a whole lot of subcontractors could make this gem shine!

When I evaluate a house, I try to understand what it is about the house that will sell it and what things I can’t change about the house that may be negative.  This house had a ton of positives and few negatives.  So, we focus on making those positives the things that buyers can’t stop thinking about.


Are you surprised to hear that it sold in the first handful of hours it was on the market… for over asking? Yeah, I wasn’t surprised either. In Boulder, people want finished products.  They don’t want to spend big dollars on a house that needs work. They’d rather be outside enjoying the sunshine then inside tearing out old carpet. (PS- this is the grossest job you can imagine. Don’t ever do it.)

So, do you call this flipping?  Sure, maybe it is technically.  But, no other “house flipper” I know does it like this. No stone left unturned. No skimming on designer finishes. No cheap lighting. And, on and on and on.

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